Exploring York

York Minster

Just a short walk away from Judge’s Lodging, you’ll find one of the most magnificent cathedrals in the country. First built in the 7th Century, York Minster has stood as one of the city’s most fascinating attractions. The Cathedral features incredible architectural features from its heyday, from detailed stained glass to handcrafted medieval stonework, to gothic grotesques that look like they’ve been ripped out of the pages of literature. The building features a 275-step staircase that leads to incredible panoramic views of the city and is home to the largest single expanse of medieval stained glass in the UK.

The Shambles

Narrowed cobbled streets lined with beautifully preserved Elizabethan buildings, The Shambles is a wonderful time capsule of the city’s Victorian roots. The roads are paved with classic Victorian stonework, and the buildings reflect the times they were first built. Enjoy a day of shopping the wonderful mix of high street brands and unique independent businesses in this wonderful setting. And for Harry Potter fans, this is a wonderful opportunity to see the inspiration for the book’s iconic Diagon Alley.

York's Chocolate Story

York has a vast history of chocolate making, with the Nestle factory still making millions of KitKats every day and the famous Terry’s Chocolate Orange taking its name from one of the city’s most notable residents, Sir Joseph Terry. Take a journey through the city’s story of providing some of the tastiest chocolates ever made, from crunchy KitKats to zesty Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. Learn the ancient roots of this wonderful delicacy, from the ancient tribes of Africa to the modern techniques used in production today. Then, have a go at becoming a chocolatier yourself, with workshops and training sessions.

The Hole In Wand

A must-visit for all Potterheads, The Hole In Wand is fantastic fun for the whole family. Encompassing nine magical mini-golf courses, you’ll embark on a wizarding adventure like no other, with bubbling cauldrons, magic portals, giant picture frames where you become part of the painting, and plenty more along the way! At the end of your adventure, you will find out if you have the magical powers of a wizard and will receive a magic potion gift of your own. Once you’re done, you can relax in the Wizard Tavern and enjoy a delicious potion.